Building a Better Health Service


What a difference six months can make

Results of the Values in Action six-month ‘pulse’ survey in the Mid West show 83 per cent of champions surveyed are already seeing changes in their workplace. Nearly all (98 per cent) of champions surveyed say they have had informal conversations with colleagues about Values in Action 90 per cent of respondents said they are sharing stories about the behaviours with their colleagues.

Earlier this year marked six months since Values in Action went live across the Mid West in UL Hospitals Group and Mid West Community Healthcare. To mark this milestone
the project team surveyed the Values in Action champions across the Mid West to find out about their experience and what differences they have noticed in their workplaces since becoming a champion.


The results show that over 80 per cent of champions are already noticing positive differences in their workplace since Values in Action began. This is as a result of the trojan efforts by champions to spread the nine behaviours that underpin Values in Action as part of leading a movement for culture change in their workplaces. Values in Action is about all of us, irrespective of role or grade, working together to change our workplaces for the better; for ourselves and for patients and users of our services.

Values in Action is based on nine behaviours that reflect our values of care, compassion, trust and learning, combined with a ground up approach to spreading change which
is being led by the champions. Values in Action kicked off in the Mid West in October 2016 with a bootcamp event, attended by over 180 champions who had been nominated by their peers. Since then the champions have been taking action in their workplace to make the behaviours more visible and to grow the community of champions by
getting their colleagues involved. There are now over 400 champions in the Mid West creating a bottom-up, grassroot movement that is spreading throughout the health services.


When asked if they noticed the nine behaviours becoming more visible in their workplace since Values in Action started last October, 80 per cent of champions said they see ‘mild to moderate’ changes in their workplace as the behaviours become more visible and are practiced by staff.  

Conversations about culture 

The Values in Action champions are talking to their colleagues about the importance of spreading a positive culture in a way that will make the health service a better place to work and give patients and service users a better experience when using our services. The survey results show that champions are engaging in conversations about the behaviours in both formal and informal settings. They are engaging in informal conversations as part of their working day with nearly all champions surveyed (98pc) saying they have had informal chats with colleagues about Values in Action. Some 70pc had reached staff beyond their own department or unit. 18pc of champions said these chats
were ‘very well received’ while 69pc said they were ‘mostly well received’. Champions are looking to engage with colleagues to find ways to put the nine behaviours into  practice in workplaces throughout the Mid West. Over 87pc of champions have had up to five formal engagements with colleagues on Values in Action. A lot of champions  have Values in Action down as an agenda item at meetings (74pc) while others have posters up on walls in their buildings to help start conversations and raise awareness. Many champions have also been involved in local launches of Values in Action within their service areas.

Values in Action champions are also sharing stories about the 9 behaviours and the impact we have on staff and patients/service users when we put these behaviours into practice. When asked how they are sharing stories about the difference the behaviours can make 90% of champions said they are informally sharing stories about the behaviours with colleagues and 30% said they are sharing stories at team meetings. 

Ongoing support of champions 

Champions were asked about the supports  they need to continue to spread Values in Action – 28pc said they need peer support, 28pc need management support, 17pc need time and 27pc need co-ordinator support. The Project Team is now focusing on using this feedback in order to better support our champions to continue their journey as leaders of culture change in the health service.