National Independent Review Panel (NIRP)

NIRP logoIntroduction:

The National Independent Review Panel (NIRP) was established in 2017 by the HSE and comprises an independent Chair and 5 member Review Panel.  The Panel are commissioned by the HSE to undertake reviews of serious cases within disability services across the HSE and HSE-funded services.  The Panel review the circumstances surrounding such cases, present reports to the HSE on its findings and recommendations relating to service improvement. In addition, the Review Panel will produce an annual report and aggregate analysis of the cases investigated, to ensure that the learning from ‘when things go wrong’ can be disseminated across health and social care services nationally.

While the Chairperson of the Panel is independent in her role, she will report on the findings, conclusions and key recommendations on each review to the Chairperson of the HSE’s Risk Committee.

NIRP Mission Statement:

The NIRP is committed to promote learning and best practice by reviewing serious cases in a professional timely manner, with a view to assisting the disability system/social care sector to improve its services and prevent similar situations occurring in the future.

Operational Guidelines:

NIRP Operational Guidelines March 2019

Annual Report:

NIRP Annual Report 2017-18

How to contact us:

Ms. Joanne Haffey
Service Manager
National Independent Review Panel
Unit 1, Mellowes Quay
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Tel: 01 921 3691

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