Irish National Audit of Dementia care

DementiareportimageThis first Irish National Audit of Dementia care in acute hospitals (INAD) aimed to examine the quality of care received by people with dementia when admitted to acute hospitals in Ireland.

Thirty five acute hospitals were audited in 2013. There were four parts to INAD as follows: (i) hospital organisational audit; (ii) ward organisational audit; (iii) ward environment audit and (iv) healthcare record audit. The results of the audit and subsequent recommendations are available on on the document on the right side of this web page.

INAD represents a joint initiative between The Centre for Gerontology and Rehabilitation, School of Medicine, University College Cork; The Centre for Ageing, Neuroscience and the Humanities, Trinity Centre for Health Sciences, Tallaght Hospital; and the HSE Quality and Patient Safety Audit Services. INAD was funded by Atlantic Philanthropies and The Meath Foundation. The project was overseen by a multidisciplinary steering committee representing all relevant stakeholders.