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Endoscopy Programme


The Endoscopy Programme was established by HSE Acute Hospitals Division in 2016 to coordinate a number of activities related to endoscopy services. The programme is overseen by the National Endoscopy Steering Group. A National Clinical Lead for Endoscopy was appointed in July 2016 to lead and coordinate a number of projects and service developments. The Clinical Lead is supported by a 0.5WTE Programme Manager. A multidisciplinary National Endoscopy Working Group was also established to promote and drive service developments across all hospital groups. See figure below.


The aim of the HSE Endoscopy Programme is to improve the delivery of endoscopy services across all Hospital Groups.


The objectives of the HSE Endoscopy Programme are to:

  1. Strengthen clinical governance for endoscopy services across Hospital Groups
  2. Increase the capacity of endoscopy services to meet current and future demand
  3. Establish a national training programme for endoscopy
  4. Design a systematic approach to validation and scheduling of endoscopy procedures
  5. Develop a national referral pathway
  6. Develop a national quality assurance framework for endoscopy services
  7. Support the development and expansion of BowelScreen – The National Bowel Screening Programme in public hospitals

The National Endoscopy Working Group

The National Endoscopy Working Group is responsible for coordinating and progressing a number of inter-dependent activities to achieve the objectives of the Endoscopy Programme.

These activities are themed through the following five workstreams:

  1. Capacity and demand analysis  
  2. Referral pathway
  3. Clerical validation and scheduling
  4. Quality assurance and training
  5. BowelScreen support

Endoscopy Programme Activities

Endoscopy Organisational Structure