European accreditation extended for Cardiac Physiology Team MRHP

Portlaoise Hospital has recently received European re-accreditation for the Echocardiography Department following a continued process of quality standards & improvements by the Cardiac Physiology team. It is the first Hospital in the country to be re-accredited.

The cardiac investigations department provide a variety of non-invasive tests to the medical team including tests such as ECG, Blood pressure and cardiac rhythm monitoring, exercise stress tests and Echocardiography.

Niamh Harding, Chief 1 Cardiac Physiologist commenting said, “We are very pleased to receive the re-accreditation as it demonstrates our commitment to quality improvement and achieving the highest standards for the provision of echocardiography services for our patient profile. I would like to acknowledge the cardiac physiology team, including healthcare assistants, multitask attendants, secretaries and clinical and nursing colleagues who are fundamental to how we deliver services to our patients but also key drivers to the success of this department. While these past 18 months have been difficult for all, we are very pleased to deliver service improvements working with our multidisciplinary teams including community heart failure and cardiac rehabilitation teams.”

European Accrditation Extended for Cardiac Physiology Team - MRHP

Between 7 – 8,000 tests per year of all adult patients who attend a physician as either an inpatient or outpatient are carried out by the department, including 2-2,500 are echocardiograms (a form of ultrasound for the heart to aid diagnosis of a variety of cardiac disorders and assess treatments for heart conditions) Dr Sean Fleming, Consultant Cardiologist said, “Congratulations to the team who are driving our quality improvement agenda and ensuring we are meeting these European standards. The commitment to advancing our service delivery has been phenomenal, despite the ongoing challenges for responding to Covid-19 and recent impact of the cyber-attack. Thank you to all the team.

Michael Knowles, General Manager for the Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise said, “I would like to acknowledge the work and commitment of the Cardiac Physiology Team and congratulate them on this re-accreditation. This is a very exciting time for our services as our teams are focused on quality improvement and embracing new ways of working, new technologies and further integration ensuring our patients are receiving high quality services.”

Accreditation is for a 5 year period and this was voluntarily applied for by Cardiac Physiology Team at the Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise. You can read more about the accreditation here.

Picture Caption: Some members of the Cardiac Physiology Team at the Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise L-R Richie Brophy, Grace Ward, Niamh Harding, Beatrice Bentley, Olivia Southey, Elaine Murphy, Dr Sean Fleming