Arts in Health for Renal Patients at Tullamore Hospital

Arts in Health – Positive and enriching experience for Renal Patients at Tullamore HospitalRenal Art

The patients, artists and staff of the Haemodialysis Unit, Midland Regional Hospital, Tullamore recently held the launch of their  2018 Art Exhibition in the Main Foyer of the hospital.

This exhibition celebrated the Art works completed by the dialysis patients during their dialysis treatment.

Noreen Galvin, CNM 111 Dialysis Unit MRHT said, "We were delighted to host this exhibition of art and to continue to develop this strong partnership with our community art partners. I would like to congratulate the artists/volunteers and thank them for the huge amount of work that has gone into creating this exhibition. I would also like to thank all the staff in the renal unit and the wider hospital for their support and encouragement.

“In participating in this art initiative and exhibition, we wanted to give our patients positive and enriching experience, and to encourage them to engage with creative arts to help them through their care and treatment,” she concluded.

Catherine Nolan, Local artist & Volunteer said, “I started painting as a hobby after I retired. At first, it was just for something to do, but it has now become a passion. I became part of a team that volunteers with Tullamore Hospital assisting patients who are receiving dialysis treatment. I do this every week with the other ladies that are involved. I love painting with the patients and engaging with them and look forward to our classes each week. Painting is a passion for me and every day I learn something new. You’re never too old to paint or take up a new hobby.”

Carmel Smith, Local Artist & Volunteer said, “Since starting to work with dialysis patients I realise how time consuming and monotonous the procedure can be and I think the art classes has given some help to the patients. I have noticed that they really enjoy their time spent with us and I am very grateful to be of some help.”

The paintings were listed with guide prices for the event and all proceeds from the sale will go directly to the Dialysis Unit Patient Comfort Fund at Tullamore Hospital.