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SLRON launch RapidPlan technology for SABR Lung treatment

The RapidPlan model developed in St Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network (SLRON) is the first available on the island of Ireland and one of only three such models for lung cancers in the UK and Ireland.

SLRON SABR launch 1L-R: Sarah McDermott (SLRON), Colin Kelly (SLRON), Trevor O’Callaghan (Dublin Midlands Hospital Group), Jacqueline Robinson (SLRON), Paul King (Varian), Jenna Styan (Varian), Kim Hickey (SLRON) and Dr Clare Faul (SLRON)

RapidPlan has been adapted by a multidisciplinary team at SLRON for use in the early stage ablative treatment of lung cancers promising significantly improved results for patients.

This project puts SLRON at the cusp of exciting developments in treatment planning which include the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning as tools for greater accuracy in tumour definition, speed and quality of planning and clinical decision making.

The multidisciplinary team have made contact with similar developers in other countries with the goal of sharing expertise and knowledge. In the near future it is hoped that RapidPlan models will be introduced across a range of cancer sites such as Head and Neck, Gynaecological and Prostate.

The complexity of radiotherapy planning and delivery has increased significantly over the last several years. Currently almost 70% of our patients are treated with a sophisticated technique known as volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT). VMAT offers significant advantages to our patients in achieving delivery of higher doses to tumour sites with reduction of exposure to surrounding healthy tissue. Disadvantages include lengthening of treatment planning time and difficulties in maintaining plan consistency and quality. 

RapidPlan is a Knowledge Based Treatment Planning system that uses preloaded models for standard treatment sites based on best-case institutional experience to produce consistently high quality plans in a fraction of the current time. Other advantages of RapidPlan include reducing the learning curve for VMAT training, increasing the throughput of plans and obtaining significantly superior results in complicated cases.

SLRON SABR launch 3L-R: Sarah McDermott, Dr Pierre Thirion and Kim Hickey all from SLRON.