Special lecture held at MRHP to mark Palliative Care Week

 Talk focused on how patients with a life-limiting illness can continue to live as well as possible

To mark palliative care week a special lecture for staff has taken place at Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise. The talk was given jointly by the hospital’s Palliative Care Consultant Michael Cushen and Clinical Nurse Specialist in Palliative Care Jackie Farrington. Their presentation focused onthe positive impact that palliative care can have on the lives of people with life-limiting illnesses by allowing them to live as fully as they can. To raise awareness an information stand was also set up in the hospital.

Speaking after the eventMichael Cushen said, “Palliative care is all about enabling people to make the most of the life they have left. We put the patient at the centre of everything we do by providing a care plan tailored to their individual needs. Providing palliative care at an early stage in a person’s illness can help to better manage symptoms and complications.”

Zara Dagg End of Life Care Coordinator at Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise said, ‘Palliative care greatly enhances a person’s quality of life and symptom management and can be provided at any stage of a life-limiting illness and in conjunction with treatments such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Palliative Care is so much more than end-of-life care, it is about living as well as possible for as long as possible.’

Many people mistakenly believe that you can only receive palliative care when other treatments are no longer possible. Actually, palliative care can be provided to people of any age and at any stage of their illness.

Michael Knowles General Manager at MRHP says “It’s important that everyone fully understands palliative care as misunderstanding persists, meaning some people who could benefit are less willing to seek it, potentially missing out on the improved quality of life. We in Midland Regional Hospital Portlaoise are very supportive of the important work carried out by our Palliative Care Team

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Picture ( L to R): Palliative Care Consultant Michael Cushen, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Palliative Care Jackie Farrington, Zara Dagg End of Life Care Coordinator