Setting communication objectives

The first thing you must do is determine the focus and scope of your video project.

What is your end goal?

What will this video help you achieve? What would the results of a successful video campaign look like?

We recommend setting SMART goals. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

For example, instead of stating that you’d like to “Raise awareness of this issue among our core audience”, say, “We want 2000+ Irish females between the ages of 18-36 to see this video in the first 30 days.”

SMART goals will help you measure to stay on track with your targets and make it easier to adapt to any unforeseen changes.

Below are some examples of SMART goals for video that you can use as a starting point when thinking about and developing your own project goals.

S (Specific): Consider who, what, when, where and how “We want to increase the number of female followers in the Quit Facebook community with a targeted awareness video campaign.”

M (Measurable): Include a numerical or descriptive measurement “We want to increase female followers by 10% in 60 days.”

A (Attainable): Consider the resources needed and set a realistic goal “The departments that will be involved need to agree on deliverables at the project start with milestones set to keep everyone motivated and on target.”

R (Realistic): Make sure the goal is consistent with the project aim/mission “Increasing the number of female quitters is a key behavioural change for the programme this year.”

T (Timely): Set a realistic deadline “We will begin seeding the completed video out on Facebook channels by January 1st in order to gain visibility with New Year quitters.”


What message do you want your video to communicate?

Write the answer in plain English. Make it as clear and simple as you possibly can. This core message will form the basis of your creative brief (discussed in Section 5).

Remember, you don’t have to make a video. Is there another method of communication that might be a better fit for your message?


Task: Develop your SMART goals