What information is needed to make a complaint?

It is helpful if you can give as much information as possible about your complaint. This will help us to look into your complaint as quickly as possible. Please let us know:

  • What happened
  • When and where it happened
    • the day and date (e.g. Monday, 8th January 2018), if you know it, and
    • where were you at the time, for example, were you in hospital and where in the hospital were you or were you in a health centre or were you receiving a service at home
  • If possible, please give the names of any staff or other persons involved

Other useful information

  • We will treat anything that you tell us with respect and will not share it without your permission, unless we are required by law to share the information if we believe there is a risk to you or any other child or young person.
  • Your parent(s) / guardian(s) can also make a comment or a complaint about our service on your behalf and when that happens we will seek your views as well.
  • If we need to look at your health records in order to look into your complaint we will talk to you before we do this.
  • We will support you or let you know what supports are available for you.