About Clinical Design and Innovation

Clinical Design and Innovation is structured around three interrelated components; the National Clinical Programmes (NCPs), Integrated Care Programmes (ICPs) and the Office of the Nursing & Midwifery Services Director (ONMSD).  These three strands are interwoven and their success relies on the support of each other.

The main goal of the CSPD is to rethink the delivery of health and social care in order to improve and standardise patient care across all healthcare settings, irrespective of location, by bringing together clinical disciplines and enabling them to share innovative, evidence-based solutions in the interest of providing improved person-centred care.

Clinical Design and Innovation has a quadruple aim to:


  • Improve Patient experience; The patients perspective is at the core of Clinical Design and Innovation;  through development of clear pathways of care based around the individual’s needs, patients will experience a more integrated, timely, personalised health care service.  
  • Improve Clinician experience; The focus of the Division is to promote open, interdisciplinary communication within and between services spanning from prevention to community care, improving the quality of and access to coordinated health and social care.
  • Lower costs; It is predicted through increased quality, efficient models of care and strategic care pathways, cost effective services will be delivered.
  • Better outcomes; Integrated, coordinated health and social care services will improve outcomes for patients and services as measured by specific key performance indicators.

Clinical Leadership and the patients’ perspective form the back bone of the Division. Clinical Design and Innovation thrives on the experience of patients, clinicians and front line staff, which is essential in designing and leading improvements in patient focussed care.  The work of the Division therefore enables essential interaction between clinicians, service users and management in the design of healthcare delivery across the continuum of care. This is achieved by the three interlinked components of Clinical Design and Innovation working in partnership with each other and with the other Divisions of the Health Service Executive (HSE).


The National Clinical Programmes (NCPs) review, modernise and improve the way in which specific areas of health and social care services are provided and delivered by designing standardised models of care, clinical guidelines, care pathways and associated strategies.

The Integrated Care Programmes (ICPs)  design models of coordinated multi-disciplinary services centred around the patient, involving public and private providers, patient groups, clinicians and the voluntary sector,

The Office of the Nursing & Midwifery Services Director (ONMSD) compliments and supports the NCPs and ICPs by ensuring that Nurses and Midwives’ expertise and ‘front-line’ experience is an integral part of the design function of CSPD.