Health & Social Care Professions

COVID-19 Supports for HSCP

A repository has been developed to support the Health and Social Care Professions to deliver services in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is intended that this central repository will enable a sharing of HSCP resources, both COVID and non-COVID related resources, to reduce duplication of effort for HSCP frontline staff and managers. Please visit the HSCP Hub on HSELanD for more information.

A HSCP Blog, HSCP Share has also been introduced as a new format for connecting Health and Social Care Professionals with one another, all 16,000 of us! visit for further details.

A COVID-19 HSE Clinical Guidance and Evidence repository is also now available. This site is designed to equip the clinical community in Ireland to respond to Covid-19. The repository is accessible here.

National Health and Social Care Professions Office

The Health and Social Care Professions (HSCP) are the second largest clinical grouping of the healthcare workforce. There are approximately 26 Health and Social Care Professions providing interventions in therapeutic, rehabilitative, re-enablement, health and social care and diagnostic services. HSCP work in all settings including acute, community, disability, specialist, mental health, primary care, residential and services for older persons.

HSCPs are highly qualified and skilled and play a significant role in the health, wellbeing and quality of life of the population across the life cycle.

There are 16,604 Health and Social Care Professionals employed by the HSE (HSE Staff Census March 2019) representing 25% of the clinical workforce and 14% of the overall health services workforce.

The HSE’s National HSCP Office was launched in February 2017 for the purpose of:

Strategically leading and supporting HSCP to maximise their potential and achieve the greatest impact for the design, planning, management and delivery of people-centred, integrated care.

Reporting to the HSE’s Chief Clinical Officer, the HSCP Office builds and expands on the original HSCP Education & Development Unit 2006 – 2016. Outlined below are the functions of the National HSCP Office. The full realisation of all functions will occur on a phased basis as additional resources become available.

  • Enable HSCP leadership and influence
  • Coordinate HSCP input to design, planning, implementation and evaluation of services
  • Focal point for HSCP and linkage between stakeholders
  • Professional advice and coordinated engagement with HSCP
  • Influence HSCP to work to the highest levels of their competence
  • Model and support inter-professional learning and collaborative practice
  • Strengthen the culture of work-based research
  • Strategic planning and input into national strategies
  • Collect and analyse data and evidence to support decisions on HSCP roles and development
  • Identify, evaluate and further develop best practice and innovation
  • Organisational leadership on HSCP education and development
  • Influence the development of mechanisms for CPD
  • Support CPD and learning culture with a strong focus on enhancing impact and outcomes
  • Provide HSCP input to strategic workforce planning
Clinical Design and Innovation