HSCP Communication, News and Events

Effective communications is key to the National HSCP Office fulfilling its purpose and delivering on key strategic priorities for patients, HSCP and the health service.

To advise and assist the National HSCP Office on all matters relating to communication, a HSCP Communications Advisory Group was established in 2019. Current communication priorities include:

  • Developing and maintaining online communication about the National HSCP Office and HSCP services
  • Continuing to develop communication structures and networks for optimal engagement
  • Managing communications relating to specific communication-focused events, for example the HSCP Conference 2019
  • Engaging champions to communicate on HSCP developments e.g. social media
  • Designing, planning and implementing reviews/evaluations of communication impact
  • Implementing an annual Communications Calendar

We communicate with our stakeholders using many formats as set out in the diagram below:

HSCP Events

Each year, the National HSCP Office hosts a range of events including Conferences, Awards, Network meetings, Consultation Fora etc.

2019 and 2020 Events

  • HSCP Day 2019 - 1st February
  • HSCP Conference, IMI, - 1st Oct 2019 - further details in  Issue 6 of National HSCP Office Newsletter
  • HSCP Strategy Development - Engagement Sessions in August and September – further details in Issue 6 of National HSCP Office Newsletter
  • 2nd Unscheduled Care HSCP Seminar - 27th November, 2019 – further details in Issue 6 of National HSCP Office Newsletter
  • HSCP Day 2020  – 4th March

HSCP Newsletter