HSCP Leadership, Education and Development Supports

Information on Leadership Education and Development Supports (items briefly outlined below) can be accessed by visiting the HSCP Hub on www.hseland.ie.

Undertaking continuing professional development

Continuing professional development (CPD) is the means by which health and social care professionals maintain and improve their knowledge, skills and performance, and develop the professional qualities required throughout their professional life. CPD is an integral component in the continuing provision of safe and effective services for the benefit of service users.


This section contains many leadership resources, i.e. Leadership Report, 2019, Leadership Survey Report, 2020, Leadership Webinars, etc.

HSCP Best Practice and Innovation Awards

Details on the finalists and winning projects.

Working with students – Practice Education

Student placements are a core part of most professional training programmes to enter the Health and Social Care Professions. Practice Placement Education essential to ensuring future workforce that is fit for purpose, and are provided in collaboration between HSE HSCP and Higher Education Institutes (HEIs). You can access practice education resources, i.e. reports, documents, on line practice educator course etc.

Engaging in research

Contains links and contacts to engage in research. In addition to research publications, it outlines the recent speed networking event.

Digital Health

The recently developed resources – Telehealth Toolkit and Telehealth Practice Examples (2021).


You can search for resources, e.g. reports, documents, tools.

Events and bookings

Registration for HSCP events.