Acute Coronary Syndrome Programme Progress

Pre hospital service for ACS patients improved

  • Equipping of all Ambulances with 12 lead ECG machines and training personnel in STEMI recognition
  • Establishing an Ambulance freephone service enabling Ambulance crew to speak directly with PPCI centre
  • Changes to Pre Hospital Emergency Care Council and Ambulance protocols to improve ACS care
  • Involvement of Air Medical Service and Coast Guard Helicopters in transport of STEMI patients for PPCI.
  • Start of a national Optimal Reperfusion Service (ORS) on 14 Jan 2013

Primary PCI centres designated and in operation

  • Review of all cath lab centres and designation of 5 x 24/7 PPCI centres and one 9 to 5 Mon to Fri PPCI centre
  • Start of a national Optimal Reperfusion Service (ORS) on 14 Jan 2013
  • Arrangement with Altnagelvin Hospital (Derry NI) to accept emergency STEMIs from County Donegal for PPCI 24/7 transported by the HSE national ambulance service.

Monitoring of ORS protocol

  • Establishment of a data set and a methodology for data collection for STEMI data
  • Set up and start of data collection in all 7 PPCI centres and all 3 PCI centres

Improvement in % STEMI that received PPCI

  • Increase in the % of reperfused STEMI patients who received PPCI from 55% (Jan to Dec 2011) to 96% (Jan to Dec 2016)