Programme Progress

  1. Development of a Model of Care for COPD Outreach
  2. Establishment of COPD outreach services in 12 acute hospitals
  3. Formulating and testing the national acute COPD admission management bundle
  4. Development of an education programme for spirometry in conjunction with the Irish Association of Respiratory Physiologists and development of Spirometry Model of Care
  5. Development of a Model of Care for pulmonary rehabilitation programmes (currently being updated) and resource manual for those delivering and patients attending such service."
  6. Supported the establishment of COPD Support Ireland as a resource for patients. 
  7. Clinical Guidelines for COPD submitted to National Clinical Effectiveness Committee (NCEC) and National Clinical Guidelines are now in development 
  8. Adoption of National Self-Management Plan for those attending GPs only
  9. Adoption of Respiratory Passport for those attending hospitals  
  10. Piloted Outreach Spirometry Clinics and Outreach COPD clinics
  11. Development of Resources (in addition to above)
  12. Designed and provides implementation support, in conjunction with the National Clinical Programme for Asthma, for the Respiratory Integrated Care services which are being rolled out in seven CHO areas and are linked to 15 acute hospitals. The purpose of the service is to improve the diagnosis and management of COPD and asthma in the community

  • Pulmonary Rehabilitation Material for Participants & Service Providers
  • Spirometry as the Gold standard
  • COPD Acute Management Admission Bundle
  • Educational material for patients (hosted on