National Transport Medicine Programme Benefits

What the NTMP means for patients

  • Enhanced access to appropriate health care services, to meet their clinical needs, for a wider proportion of the population.
  • Safe retrieval/transfer of severely injured/critically ill patients for Critical Care and other specialist care in tertiary hospitals.
  • Enhanced clinical outcomes for severely injured / critically ill patients due to earlier appropriate decision to transfer, stabilisation prior to transport and specialised care en-route.
  • Reductions in Average Length of Stay (ALOS) for affected categories of patients. This results also in savings for the healthcare system through the work of the National Clinical Programmes.
  • Availability of specialist care for the patient while also optimising and utilising clinical resources within the National Health Service.
  • Skilled teams available to regional and outlying hospitals.  Capital and regional based retrieval teams/services will be an efficient and effective strategy for providing workforce support to regional and outlying hospitals.

Priorities for 2017

  • Develop national electronic data collection for quality metrics specific to the transport environment.
  • Invest in building enhanced partnerships with the existing services in Galway, while also identifying future models of care for adult retrieval.
  • Develop a business case to support expansion of the Paediatric and Neonatal Retrieval Service.
  • Work in partnership with NAS to build on the current investment and service provision for the NTMP.
  • Standardise equipment for adult retrieval teams and regional centres.
  • Expansion of MICAS from 9-5 5 day service to 8-8 7 day week service in Dublin
  • Process to transition from a programme structure to an operational service
  • The establishment of a National Retrieval Coordination Desk
  • Development of retrieval hubs in Cork and Galway
  • The establishment of a single telephone number for all Retrieval requests
  • ePCR for IPATS being piloted Q1 2017.
  • New website to be launched Q1 2017.