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About the Clinical Programme for Pathology

Welcome to the National Clinical Programme for Pathology

The National Clinical Care Programme for Pathology was established as a joint initiative of the HSE Clinical Strategy & Programmes Division and the RCPI Faculty of Pathology in 2011.

The programme aims to support all hospital clinical laboratories to achieve the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

The Clinical Programme reports to the National Director Clinical Strategy and Programmes, HSE and the Dean of the Faculty of Pathology, RCPI.

The Clinical Lead and Programme Manager are responsible for the delivery of the objectives of the programme and reporting to the HSE and RCPI.


Programme Objectives

Supporting the implementation of a national pathology network and modernisation programme based on a whole-system approach with co-operative hubs and spokes organised according to clinical need.

Co-ordinating the pathology modernisation activities of individual laboratories using theTen Principles for Laboratory Modernisation framework, integrated with reform in the organisation and delivery of health services.

Modify referral patterns for specialist tests by developing a national network of specialised laboratory services, ensuring that in-sourcing and out-sourcing of tests is appropriate.

Developing a National Pathology Catalogue; laboratory handbook of national guidelines and order sets for common clinical diagnostic problems which lead to large scale laboratory investigations, so as to assist in demand management.

Determining and monitoring laboratory quality, costs and user satisfaction in Ireland

Support implementation of the Medical Laboratory Information System project, MedLIS, a national programme to integrate the IT in the 42 laboratories across the country.

Clinical Strategy and Programmes Division