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(Photos supplied by the Centre for Advanced Medical Imaging

Overview of the Programme

Radiology is an essential component of clinical medicine, and it likely to expand in the future as technology improves and new imaging techniques are developed. Currently demand for radiology examinations is rising at a rate of about 5% per annum internationally (Royal College of Radiologists, 2010). 

The increasing use of radiology in clinical medicine is of great benefit to patients and clinicians not only through its enhanced diagnostic capability, but also through its ability to treat patients with minimally invasive interventional procedures.

There are significant cost implications with these improvements – while the tests themselves tend to be expensive, using them in an efficient, targeted manner will reduce overall costs for the health service.  The effective use of radiology is strongly associated with improved outcomes and faster patient journey times through the system. 

In keeping with the Quality, Access and Cost Principles established by the Programme in 2011, the National Clinical Programme for Radiology is currently working on the following projects:

  • Data and Performance Measurement
  • Clinical Protocols
  • Money Follows the Patient