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Integrated care Programme for Older Persons (ICP OP) - End of Year Report

Integrated care Programme for Older Persons (ICP OP) - End of Year Report 2016

A concise report highlighting the significant progress of the ICP OP over the last year and the next steps in expanding the programme's reach in 2017. Click here to access the report.

During 2016 ICP OP set out to put in place the essential building blocks to facilitate a more integrated approach to delivering care for older people. This involved building relationships with local leaders and supporting them in establishing the early stages of the programme, such as establishing local governance structures that allows hospital and community services to work together and establishing community-based multi-disciplinary teams. The year has seen significant progress in terms of the development of a framework to support the implementation of services and teams working across traditional boundaries in 6 CHOs and acute hospitals. Taking an integrated approach has the potential to enable much more effective use of local resources in home care, rehabilitation and improving access to care when needed. Older person services nationally is involved in a wide range of initiatives to improve care in the community for older people through strategies such as the National Dementia Programme, reforms to home care and the implementation of the Single Assessment Tool.

The report outlines where these services are being developed and the ongoing workplan for 2017 as we expand the programme's reach, going from 6 to 12 sites.

270307 ICPOP End of Year report 2016 Final FINAL 2.6.pdf (size 1.9 MB)

Clinical Strategy and Programmes Division