Progress & Achievements

Phase 1

In collaboration with IPPOSI (Irish Platform for Patient Organisations, Science and Industry) and UCD School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems, a number of regional workshops were facilitated around the country to deliver the patient/service user perspective on what should be expected from person-centred coordinated care in the Irish Health Service.

IPPOSI through their Patient Narrative Steering Group led an evidence-based, narrative enquiry methodology to hear and collate experiences of service users, patients and/or their carers and families who require care over time from multiple services.  

Dr Amanda Phelan, UCD School of Nursing, Midwifery & Health Systems, and her research team facilitated three focus groups at each regional workshop. To complement the work of the focus groups an online survey was set up to gain the views and experiences of the wider IPPOSI patient membership.  The research was funded by the HSE.

The experiences from both the focus groups and the online survey were translated into descriptors and a definition of person-centred co-ordinated care, and both are available via the IPPOSI website. 


Phase 2

Phase two of the project used the descriptors of person-centred coordinated care developed by service users/patients carers and patient organisations in phase one to design and pilot the Your Voice Matters survey tool.   

Your Voice Matters was piloted nationally for a 6 week period between September and November 2017, and captured 584 experiences.  There was a specific focus in seeking engagement from services users accessing services within the Integrated Care Programmes for Older People the Prevention and Management of Chronic Conditions. The findings indicated that people who shared their stories did not consistently experience the key elements of person-centred co-ordinated care. Interpretation of the data by staff and patients together identified three areas for improvement;

  •  Clear communication and information
  •  Collaboration and partnership working between service users and staff
  •  Improved access to services

Phase 3

Following the national pilot, phase three of the project has seen the roll out within a wider range of services, settings and populations to test, evaluate and refine how Your Voice Matters can best be used as an effective, sustainable means of capturing patient experiences and to support and inform service improvement initiatives within each of the local services using it.   

Over 1400 experiences have now been captured.  Experiences can be collected using either paper or online versions of the survey. 

Given the diverse populations Your Voice Matters can be used across, tailored surveys are now designed with each commissioning team, to allow for the capture of information that will be most useful for individual services.    

Engagement with additional services has allowed refinement of the implementation process of Your Voice Matters, which now has a far greater emphasis on the key operational roles of local stakeholders in ensuring the success of projects.