Financial Management

Financial Management is the system by which the financial aspects of the HSE are directed and controlled to support the delivery of the organisation’s goals. The key performance criterion in relation to financial management is that the organisation has in place robust financial management systems and an effective system of internal control over the use of its financial resources. Effective internal financial control encompasses safeguarding the organisation’s assets from losses of all kinds and ensuring that value for money is achieved in the use of financial resources. 

The National Financial Regulations outline at a high level the framework within which the internal financial control system of the Health Service Executive (HSE) operates. These regulations have been prepared to meet best practice requirements and to meet specific requirements of:

  • Irish and EU statutory provisions
  • Department of Health and Government policies and guidelines

It is the responsibility of all Budget Holders, managers and staff in the delivery of day-to-day operations and corporate activities that the Financial Regulations are fully complied with.

A full listing of the current approved national financial policies and regulations with links to the full documents is provided below:

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