About Finance SS

With over 325 staff nationally, Finance SS provide key financial and business services to customers across the HSE. We are also a key stakeholder in the Finance Reform Programme in the HSE which will transform our financial systems and ways of working over the next 10 years. Our current team structure and services include:

Payroll Services

Payroll Services currently manage the payment of HSE staff and pensioners either directly or through sourced support services. HSE gross to net payroll is currently processed via nine centres based on appropriately authorised input received from HR, Line Managers, Returning Officers, etc. We currently provide for the payment of 89,200 HSE staff and 38,200 pensioners.   A payroll service is also provided to Tusla's 4,400 employees. Approximately 2.7m payslips are issued annually.

Our service provision is a combination of direct provision and external contracting arrangements with private providers. However all payroll services are co-ordinated and managed by our payroll team who consistently deliver to the highest standard.

Payroll Help Desks:

HSE Area Phone Number Fax Number Email Address
Eastern Region 01 8817150 01 8817096 payroll.east@hse.ie 
South East 056 7784268 056 7784384 payroll.southeast@hse.ie
South West 021 4923659 021 4923590 payroll.south@hse.ie
West 091 775925 091 775983 payroll.west@hse.ie 
North West 071 9835213/0413 n/a payroll.northwest@hse.ie
Mid West 061 483312 061 483351 payroll.midwest@hse.ie
North East 046 9251200 n/a payroll.northeast@hse.ie
Midlands  057 9357537 n/a payroll.midlands@hse.ie
Portiuncula Hospital 090 9648337 090 9648324 payroll.puh@hse.ie

Revenue Information for New Staff http://www.revenue.ie/en/online/jobs-pensions.html 

Payment Services

Payment Services provides invoice payment services to the HSE and its external customer Tusla. Payment Services currently processes in excess of 2.3 million invoices annually with a value of €3.6bn.

Payment Services is responsible for processing payments for all HSE invoices nationally (including National Capital), across 6 regional financial systems located in Dublin, Kilkenny, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Tullamore.

Payment Services also has a training unit dedicated to providing SAP "Purchase to Pay" (P2P) training for Eastern Region users and Invoice Capture Solution training.

Payment Services Locations Contact Details

HSE Area Manager
South Cork & Kerry

Tracey Donovan Tracey.donovan@hse.ie 


South East

Carlow, Kilkenny, Waterford, Wexford & South Tipperary

Deirdre Ivory Deirdre.ivory@hse.ie



Laois, Offaly, Longford, Westmeath

Martin O’Connor Martin.oconnor2@hse.ie



Limerick, Claire & North Tipperary


Donegal, Sligo & Leitrim


Children’s Health Ireland/Crumlin

Niall Phayer niall.phayer@hse.ie


HSE West

Galway, Mayo & Roscommon

Angela Laheen Angela.laheen@hse.ie


HSE East (incl. Tusla)

Teresa Byrne Teresa.byrne1@hse.ie 


HSE North East

Sandra Bowe Sandra.bowe@hse.ie


Vendor Master

Orla Tallis Orla.tallis@hse.ie


Payment Services Specialists

Sean Thornton Sean.thornton@hse.ie


Income Services

Income Services Group provides a suite of monthly national income reports, key performance metrics and centralised reporting across all 48 statutory and voluntary acute hospitals. The key categories of income include Private Charges, Inpatient charges, Emergency Department and Road Traffic Accidents.

Our group supports the generation and collection of patient income across all statutory and voluntary acute hospitals at national level by providing business intelligence and decision support to Corporate Finance and Acute Hospitals.

Income Services with the support of the Office of the CIO co-ordinate the roll out, integration and maintenance of “Claimsure”. This system has been successfully implemented at all public acute hospitals and enables the complete management of the private insurance claims process, the timely submission of all relevant documentation to the appropriate Health Insurance Provider and facilitates appropriate follow up to ensure prompt payment of claims.

General Accounting

General Accounting is responsible for the provision of financial support for the following key services on behalf of our HSE Customers including subsumed Agencies and TUSLA (Child & Family Agency) and Children's Health Ireland.

Capital/Asset Accounting

All Capital related processes are carried out through HBS in Dublin on behalf of Corporate Capital Section. Capital/Asset Accounting account for all transactions and are responsible for the Fixed Asset Note within the Annual Financial Statements. The estimated budget for Capital projects is approximately €600 million per annum.

Financial Accounting

Produce first draft of the Annual Financial Statements and relevant notes to the Accounts for 7 Company Codes on behalf of HBS customers within required Corporate deadlines.

Receipting information and the reconciliation of 41 receipting locations with an approximate value of €1.5bn annually and the preparation of associated debtor reconciliations, journal processing, and the preparation of 16 bank reconciliations.

Systems Accounting

Provide SAP technical and transactional support to approximately 4,400 SAP users across three instances of SAP ERP including CFI(Corporate Financial Intelligence) reporting solution.

Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting currently provide to our Corporate customers the following Management Accounting transaction processing services: which include monthly processing of accruals, prepayments, budget uploads production of the monthly IMRs (Integrated Management Reports).

The department is also responsible for management and operation of the national Consolidated Financial Intelligence Solution (CFI). CFI is the main financial reporting tool for the HSE within the National Finance Division which captures the financial monthly data of the legacy systems from all Statutory and Voluntary Agencies of HSE into one repository. It produces consistent data through a common suite of reports built on a single chart of accounts and enterprise structure across the Health Service including Corporate, Directorate, Community Healthcare Organisations, Hospital Groups and Health Business Services.

Business Support Services 

Business Support Services provides local and national business intelligence reporting and data automation solutions. Business Support Services supports Finance activities including the provision of project management services.

Finance SS Contact Us

Name Title Email Address Contact Number
Mr. Damian Casey Head of Finance Shared Services  damian.casey@hse.ie 056 7784423
Ms. Yvonne Kelly Head of National Payroll yvonne.kelly2@hse.ie 01 8817139
Mr. Brian Lunney Head of National Payment Services brian.lunney@hse.ie 056 7784431
Mr. Sean Redmond Head of Income Services  sean.redmond@hse.ie 056 7784447
Ms. Orla Dooley General Manager HBS Finance Reform orla.dooley@hse.ie 045 920134
Ms. Caroline Whelan Head of General Accounting  caroline.whelan1@hse.ie 01 6352834
Mr. Leonard Clinton Head of Business Support leonard.clinton@hse.ie 044 9384413
Mr. Sean McNamara Head of Financial Reporting  sean.mcnamara@hse.ie 056 7784575