Chief Financial Officer - CFO

Stephen Mulvany, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

With accountability for financial management over the entire Health Service, the CFO ensures a strong, integrated financial performance system is in place. The office of Chief Financial Officer is responsible for managing the overall accounting, treasury, financial reporting and financial services operations of the Executive.

The CFO is a member of the HSE Executive Management Team and assists the Chief Executive Officer on all strategic and operational matters relating to budgetary management, forecasting needs and the securing of funding for health and personal social services.

Responsibilities of the CFO

Stewardship and Accountability

Ensuring the compliance framework is in place to provide a true and fair view that builds trust in the financial information provided.

Financial Management

Ensuring financial practices across the system inform decision making and promote probity, value for money and a culture of cost consciousness and cost improvement.

Corporate Leadership

Providing strategic direction, effective corporate governance and building strong relationships.

Professional Leadership

Driving professional standards, leading the profession and building capability across the system.


Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Health Service Executive 

Dr. Steevens' Hospital 

Dublin 8