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Business Relationship Management has been developed to work in partnership with our customers to complement and support the development of the current functional areas within Health Business Services. The Business Relationship Management Team will work with our customers and colleagues within the functions to ensure our HBS team function as a cohesive unit, creating value for customers. HBS will succeed by placing our customers at the centre of everything we do.

The aim of our Business Relationship Management Function is to ensure that all HBS staff are assisted in:

  • Providing Customers with a service to meet their requirements
  • Handling customer enquiries efficiently
  • Gaining a better understanding and knowledge of the customer base
  • Gaining Customer loyalty
  • Lowering the cost of handling a customer enquiry

Business Relationship Managers (BRM’s) will form a key part of the Business Relationship Management Team. They will manage the relationship between Health Business Services and key customers through Business Partnership Arrangements. They will work collaboratively with colleagues in the functions to try to resolve any issues that may arise from a customer perspective or vice versa.

Business Relationship Management Contact Us

Julie Ryan

Head of Business Relationship Management

Email: maria.english@hse.ie
Tel: 062 32546