Ambassadors for Healthcare Innovation

Ambassador for Healthcare Innovation ImageThere are huge digital transformation changes happening with #OurHealthService. These change initiatives are becoming more digitally focused within HSE, therefore, there is a need for both digital literacy and change transformation management skills to be developed in order to support a workforce who are ready and resilient to change.

HBS and Office of CIO have sponsored an engagement with Trinity and EIT health to co-create a programme called the Ambassadors for Healthcare Innovation. This programme aims to contribute to digital business transformation by fostering the development of a digital and innovation ready culture across the organisation, enabling a digital workforce to grow. By proactively collaborating with our staff we can support and shape the impact that this change will have and manage this digital transformation in an inclusive and user-centred way.

After a call for staff to submit applications 37 were chosen from all areas and disciplines in the health service. Trinity have agreed to open up this learning and sharing this knowledge with all interested healthcare staff over the next 10 weeks through a weekly blog, some short videos from the participants and access to all the materials that the participants will have access to #TCDTangent #TangentAHI #EITHealth. 

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Theories of Innovation Creativity

Creativity and Design Thinking in Healthcare