HBS Health Matters Articles

Summer 2020

What is it like to recover from COVID-19 at home? NiSRP progressing during COVID-19
Unprecedented additional capacity delivered rapidly Significant boost for mental health services as Psychiatry of Later Life facility opens
‘I was always going to help’

Spring 2020

New beds in peaceful, private and calm environment HBS Estates Driving Improvements
Business Excellence and Digital Innovation in Health Business Services Progressing the National integrated Staff Records and Pay Programme
Beyond 2020 - The Pathway for Change to a more sustainable health system Hospitals switch off to tackle climate emergency

Winter 2019

Delivering Primary Care Services in the Midlands Living with less plastic
NiSRP progresses to HSE South East Professionalising procurement in the public Health Service
HBS increasing efficiencies in invoice processing Unlocking Energy Savings

Autumn 2019

Developing and Enhancing our Pension Information

HSE East Employees and Pensioners realise the benefits of NiSRP System
HSE Estates deliver new Radiation Oncology Unit at Cork University Hospital Innovation and entrepreneurship at the Future Health Summit 2019
Ward space redeveloped to address accessibility and infection control challenges HSE business division shortlisted for the prestigious eGovernment Awards

Summer 2019

HBS Estates maximise green space at Our Lady of Lourdes HBS connect, collaborate and innovate at conference
NiSRP goes live in the East HBS Estates launches toolkit to deliver capital projects
Save Money and prevent Food Waste

Spring 2019

Office of CIO and HBS mark International Women's Day Changing the way we record employee information
Making Houses into Homes HBS services working together on a value for money initiative
SAP Centre of Excellence signals success Mullingar Hospital named as energy saving champion