HR Job Specification Repository

Here you will find a range of Job Specifications that have been drawn together in a central repository to support recruitment and selection activity.

A Job Specification is a document that clearly states the essential job requirements, duties, responsibilities, skills and competencies required to perform a specific role. They are used to support the recruitment and selection process for a new or vacant position.

Job Specifications featured within this repository, are based on those that have already been agreed with services where recruitment has been undertaken by National Recruitment Service (NRS).

In response to requests from services, guidance and draft Job Specifications in relation to more recent roles have also been incorporated. 

Information on role specific duties and knowledge is included at the end of the Job Specifications where information was available to NRS. While the information is by no means exhaustive, you may wish to draw from what is provided if it is relevant to the role for which you are recruiting.

When undertaking your own recruitment process, you are encouraged to use these Job Specifications, customising the prompts and guidelines provided in the blue font. This will help you tailor the specification for the requirements of the role(s) you are recruiting. Utilising this suite of Job Specifications will ensure a consistency of standard and approach across the organisation. 

Job Specification (National) Template 

If you are recruiting for a new role, or if the Job Specification you require is not available on this page, you can use the guidance provided in the National Job Specification Template here to help you develop your own.

Staff are categorised into the following 6 main staff categories: 

Note: This Repository is under active development. If the Job Specification you are looking for does not appear here, it means that it is not currently available for hosting. Job Specifications will be published on this site as and when they become available.

All documentation within the HR Job Specification Repository will be updated on a regular basis. It is therefore important that you download each Job Specifications as required and do not save to desktop for reuse so as to ensure you are working from the most recent draft.

Recruitment and Selection Toolkit

For further help and support, you are directed to access The HSE Recruitment and Selection Toolkit, available now on HSeLanD.

It has been designed to assist HR / Recruiter representative personnel and Line Managers across the HSE in recruiting the best people to serve the current and future needs of their services. The aim of this Toolkit is to provide practical guidance and advice to support you in preparing for, and implementing your own recruitment processes in a transparent and effective manner with guidelines on each stage of the recruitment process.

Please access it by registering for and/or signing into HSeLanD, going to Hubs > The Discovery Zone > Human Resources > HSE Recruitment & Selection Toolkit.