5 ways to well-being

These five ways have been used worldwide by young and old to help people take action to improve their wellbeing. Why not try to incorporate the 5 ways during the Steps to Health Challenge!

Connect: Connect and chat with your work colleagues or family while stepping it out!

Evidence show that good relationships with family, friends, colleagues and the wider community are important for mental wellbeing.

Be Active:  You are already doing this!

Being active is great for your physical and mental wellbeing. Evidence proves there is a link between being physically active and good mental wellbeing

Take Notice: Have a look around as you walk and take notice!

Paying attention to the present moment – to our own thoughts, feelings and to the world around you can improve your mental wellbeing.

Keep Learning: Ask your colleague for some interesting fact they have come across this week.

Evidence shows that continuing to learn throughout life can help improve and maintain our mental wellbeing.

Give:  Give encouragement and support to your colleagues and how well they are doing during the Challenge.

Most agree that giving to others is a good idea however giving to others has a knock on effect on ourselves by improving the givers mental wellbeing.

Source: https://www.mentalhealthireland.ie/five-ways-to-wellbeing/