HSE Healthy and Positive Ageing Initiative Research Call 2018

The HSE has awarded a multidisciplinary team of researchers, practitioners and policy makers led by Professor Catherine Woods from the University of Limerick just under half a million euros to undertake a community-based research study aimed at increasing levels of physical activity in adults over 50 years of age in Ireland. The funding was awarded under the Healthy and Positive Ageing Initiative (HaPAI) which is a co-funded programme between The Atlantic Philanthropies, the HSE and the Department of Health to support the development and use of evidence informed decision making at all levels of planning to deliver the objectives of the National Positive Ageing Strategy.

The team’s vision is that adults over 50 years in Ireland will live a more active and healthy lifestyle as a result of being part of the study entitled “‘Move For Life’: An evaluation of a peer mentoring intervention designed to cascade and consequently up-scale existing programmes to help inactive people over 50 years old become more active”. Please visit the Move For Life website at www.moveforlife.ie.

Click here for more information about the research call, the Move for Life Study, contact details and how to get involved.