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Our work

Work undertaken with ongoing followup

  1. Staff in the Health and Wellbeing Division were surveyed in Nov. – Dec. 2015. Of 1,447 staff contacted, 788 completed questionnaires were received yielding a 54% response rate. The resulting report is with the National Director, Health and Wellbeing for sign-off and endorsement. An action plan will follow to address the survey findings and recommendations contained in the report.
  2. A partnership was formed between the National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC), Health Promotion and Improvement, National Ambulance Service Critical Incident Stress Management (NAS CISM), Human Resources, Occupational Health and Quality and Risk. A staff needs assessment was carried out to promote the health and wellbeing of NEOC staff working in Tallaght and Ballyshannon Control Centres. A staff survey was conducted in December 2015 with a response rate of 75%. A report has gone to the Director of the National Ambulance Service for sign off and endorsement. The working group have now turned their efforts to addressing the findings of the survey.
  3. To acknowledge and support leaders, senior managers and staff at all levels, a Staff Health and Wellbeing Incentive Scheme has been introduced for 2016. Under the governance of Healthy Ireland funding has been allocated to Community Health Organisations, Hospital Groups and National Services for initiatives which will address the following themes:
        • Healthy workplace for all ages
        • Encouraging physical activity and reducing sedentary behaviour/work practices
        • Addressing the physical workplace and its environs
        • Promoting positive mental health and wellbeing

Through this initiative it is hoped to highlight and positively demonstrate the value of staff to the organisation. It seeks to build capacity, engage staff, raise awareness and prompt and facilitate action towards attainment of a healthier lifestyle for enhanced health and wellbeing. Key considerations are the sustainability and potential for up-scaling these initiatives in the future.

  1. Linkage with the Policy Priority Programmes to avoid duplication and build synergy
  2. Input into the development of and engagement in the HR Health Sector National Survey 2016 – Your Opinion Counts.

Future work

  1. Support the development of the Department of Health Healthy Workplace Framework in conjunction with HR.
  2. Work in conjunction with Human Resources (HR), Health Business Systems (HBS) and Quality Improvement Division (QID) on the development of a HSE Staff Health and Wellbeing Policy.
  3. Pilot a work site evaluation tool (CDC Scorecard) to investigate if it is fit for purpose within the HSE.
  4. Begin scoping out the development of a tool to profile staff health and wellbeing focusing on lifestyle behaviours.
  5. In partnership with the Policy Priority Programmes - HEAL (Healthy Eating and Active Living Programme), Tobacco Free Ireland, Child Health, Alcohol, Positive Ageing, Mental Health and Wellbeing and MECC (Make Every Contact Count Programme) scope out the feasibility of developing a generic Staff Peer Led Health Champions Programme.

Health and Wellbeing Lead: Fergal Fox, A/General Manager

Health Promotion and Improvement DML
HSE, Health and Wellbeing Division
Floor 2, Scott Building,
Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore Campus,
Arden Road, Tullamore, Co. Offaly, R35 NY51

Ph: 0579357801 / 0863830218

Project Manager: Adrienne Lynam

National Project Manager - Staff Health & Wellbeing
Health & Wellbeing Division
Health Service Executive
C/O Primary Care Department
Merlin Park Hospital, Galway

Email: Adrienne.Lynam@hse.ie
Ph: 091 775928 / 087 7975983