National Independent Review Panel (NIRP)


The National Independent Review Panel (NIRP) was established in 2017 by the HSE and is managed by an independent chairperson. Although the NIRP is part of the HSE it is independent of all HSE operations at both national and community level. 

What we do

The NIRP will be commissioned by the HSE’s National Director, Quality Assurance and Verification (QAV) to complete reviews. A review will be commissioned when a level of independence outside of the relevant Community Health Organisation (CHO) (as defined by the HSE Incident Management Framework) is required.

The NIRP will conduct its work in line the HSE’s Incident Management Framework. It is intended that the NIRP will have a role in examining only Category 1 incidents, where a “very high” level of independence is required per the IMF.

The NIRP may be commissioned to conduct these independent reviews across community health and social care. The NIRP will examine circumstances related to people who use community health and social care services where there are major concerns about how the services involved managed the care of an individual or group of individuals.

The NIRP will review cases where it is suspected that there are serious failings by the HSE and/or its funded organisations that have led to significant harm and/or have compromised the quality of life of the person/s concerned.

The NIRP will seek to determine what the relevant services and individuals involved in the case might have done differently that could have prevented the significant harm or improved the quality of life for the person/s concerned

In addition, the Review Panel will produce an annual report and aggregate analysis of the cases investigated, to ensure that the learning from ‘when things go wrong’ can be shared across health and social care services nationally.

While the Chairperson of the Panel is independent in her role, she will report on the findings, conclusions and key recommendations on each review to the Chairperson of the HSE’s Safety and Quality Committee.

NIRP Mission Statement

The NIRP is committed to promoting learning and best practice by reviewing serious cases in a professional timely manner.

This is to assist the health and social care sector to improve its services and prevent similar situations occurring in the future


Operational Guidelines

NIRP Operational Guidelines 2021

Annual Report

NIRP Annual Report 2017-18

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