Falls 2020


Falls remain the most commonly reported incident within the HSE and HSE funded services with 35,187 falls reported in 2018, including 15,773 in acute hospitals and 15,027 in social care.  Furthermore, a study undertaken by The Irish Centre for Social Gerontology (2007) estimated that fall-related injuries in older people would increase from a conservative €922m – €1077m by 2020 and by 2030 the cost will be approximately €1587m – €2043m, in the absence of a National Fall and Fracture Prevention Strategy being implemented. To this end, the National Quality Improvement team in partnership with key stakeholders are leading out of a series of QI collaboratives with a focus to reduce avoidable falls using a suite of evidence based interventions.

The focus through the quality improvement collaboratives is to reduce avoidable falls, as they are:

  •  debilitating and painful and can contribute to mortality rates
  •  an increasing problem that affects thousands of people every year
  •  in some cases preventable

Resources to support your improvement journey in reducing falls

Falls and Bone Health background

Collaborative Learning Sessions

Falls resources