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To date, the National Quality Improvement team has led and co-designed numerous collaboratives across the Irish health and social care setting. A health care collaborative involves teams and individuals from various health and social care disciplines and across different settings, such as hospitals, older person’s services and primary care teams. These teams work together in partnership to achieve sustainable improvements and reach an agreed goal of high quality, safe standardised care for patients in an efficient and effective manner.

The Sustainable Quality Improvement Team supports the vision of the National Quality Improvement Team to enable a culture of improvement by supporting sustainable QI projects within and across the Irish health care system.  The Sustainable Quality Improvement Team is leading on a series of large scale improvement collaboratives. Key focuses of these collaboratives are to reduce avoidable falls system-wide and improve the QI knowledge and skills of everybody across the system.  These collaboratives are designed and delivered in partnership with patients input, service leads and clinical experts. Key to the success of collaboratives has been the application of the Framework to Improve Quality across the health services (2017) to underpin the planning, implementation and evaluation stages.

Also, participating teams have the opportunity to become part of an active QI learning community, learning from each other and recognised experts. This should support sustainable practices, networks and spread opportunities.

Key Objectives

  •  To reduce avoidable falls
  •  To increase capacity and capability in quality improvement knowledge and skills
  •  To promote a culture of continuous learning and improvement

QI Collaborative Team Members

  •  Dr. Teresa O’Callaghan
  •  Dr. Michael Carton
  •  Ms. Marie Gilligan
  •  Ms. Roisin Breen
  •  Ms. Patricia Gibbons
  •  Mr. Ross McGauley
  •  Ms. Eileen Tormey

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