Team Time (Schwartz)

The unprecedented pressures created by the COVID 19 pandemic means that Schwartz Rounds have been paused in the 25 healthcare organisations currently implementing rounds in Ireland.

In response to this, the Point of Care Foundation are offering an alternative online approach called ‘Team Time’. Some of the Irish Schwartz Rounds community are collaborating with the Point of Care Foundation to explore the use of Team Time.

What is “Team Time”?

Team Time is a thirty to forty-five minute long reflective practice session, open to services who currently implement Schwartz Rounds.

It is run on-line, and provides a forum for people to discuss the emotional and personal impact of their work in health and social care, creating mutual support. It is based on the principles of Schwartz Rounds and helps to strengthen teams, reduce isolation and support team members in being more compassionate towards themselves and each other.

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How is Team Time similar to Schwartz Rounds?

There are a number of similarities with Schwartz Rounds:

  •  It brings together multidisciplinary team members from a pathway of care, e.g. diabetes;
  •  It focuses on the participants emotional and personal impact of work;
  •  Contains the core features of Schwartz Rounds;
  •  It is confidential;
  •  Participants can give feedback and thoughts on what they have heard from the storytellers;
  •  The session is bounded, and starts and ends on time.

How is Team Time different to Schwartz Rounds?

There are a number of differences to Schwartz Rounds:

  •  You are not in the room with the other participants as it is facilitated online, so you don’t see the audience;
  •  The audience is limited in size (30 participants maximum, minimum of 8 participants)
  •  The participants are drawn from a specific pathway / area of a health and social care services not from across the organisation;
  •  Fewer storytellers and a shorter time frame;
  •  It focuses on current experiences, rather than past events;
  •  Individuals are part of the same team or a clinical / non-clinical pathway.

Schwartz Rounds in person, online and Team Time session at a glance (summary of interventions)

For more information on Team Time training sessions, please go to Point of Care Foundation

Additional supports

If you are looking for additional support, a dedicated phone line for all healthcare workers is available. It has been set up to give staff and managers information and advice during the coronavirus outbreak. You can contact them on 1800 420 420

Other supports being provided by the HSE include:

If you would like further information on Team Time, please contact Caroline Lennon-Nally or Point of Care Foundation