Person-centred Programme

Person-centredness is about humanising and valuing the individual person in everything we do.

The approach is central to the HSE Framework for Improving Quality and providing safe and effective care and practices across all services. 

HSE Framework for Quality Improvement, 2018

What we offer

  • The Person-centred Programme offers expertise, support and resources for health service teams to make their practices and cultures more person-centred
  • In partnership with individuals and teams, we co-design and deliver a range of learning and development programmes to support change in workplace cultures

Who we offer to

Person-centredness is everyone’s business and is relevant to every person, in every work setting whether providing direct or indirect care and/or practice. It is relevant for people who both provide and use our health and social care services.

Benefits of a person-centred workplace culture include

  • Established common values and beliefs about the purpose of the service
  • New ways of working that value the views and opinions of all
  • Ability to reflect on and challenge practice in a caring, supportive way
  • Increased teamwork that promotes individual responsibility for continuous change
  • Risk-taking, innovation, shared decision making and conflict are seen as valuable learning opportunities by the team
  • Individuals are free to flourish in their work

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