Resources: Help to promote the "Know Check Ask" campaign

Welcome.  We would be delighted if you could help promote the Know Check Ask campaign locally.  We hope you find the resources below helpful.

If you require the MP4 files for the videos, please contact us at

The following suggestions may help to maximise the impact of this campaign:

  • General: Display posters throughout your service and show videos on screens in public areas.  Promote the campaign on your website, with a prompt for people to bring a list of their medicines if attending your service, and include a link to to that people can print a My medicines list to bring with them. 
  • Social Media: Please share the campaign and/or videos on any social media channels your service uses.

If you are working in a hospital setting, these additional suggestions may be useful:

  • Out-patient departments, pre-admission clinics and elective admissions: Enclose the My medicines list with appointment letters, make copies available at reception areas. Display posters and show videos on screens in waiting areas.
  • Emergency Departments: Make My medicines leaflets available at reception and/or in waiting areas.
  • Consider including My medicines leaflets with discharge information, with advice for people to complete it at home so they have an up-to-date list for any forthcoming appointments.

There is a parallel Know Check Ask campaign for healthcare staff (poster F).  The message for staff is to:

  • Know – your medication
  • Check – you have the right patient, medicine, route, dose and time
  • Ask – your patient if they understand

This could be used as part of a staff education or awareness session.


  My medicines list
My medicines list colour pic My medicines list (colour) *Updated Jan 2020*
my medicines list black pic My medicines list (black and white)
My medicines list colour pic My medicines list (word version)
Key messages know check ask sept 19 pic Key messages summary
Poster A pic Poster A – Before you Take it: Man
Poster A pic Poster B – Before you Take it: Pharmacy
Poster C pic Poster C – Before you Take it: Woman
Poster C pic Poster D – Before you Take it: Young Woman
Poster E pic Poster E – Before you Take it: Hand
Poster F pic Poster F – Before you Give it: Hand
Poster G Pic Poster G – Before you Take it: Ask your Pharmacist
Poster H pic Poster H - Before you take it Inclusive

5 Moments for Medication Safety (An App is available to guide people through

the 5 moments for medication safety and is available free of charge

via the App Store and on Google Play.  Search for “WHO Medsafe”.

5 moments portrait pic sept 19 5 Moments portrait poster
5 moments pic 5 Moments for Medication Safety



If you require the MP4 files for the videos, please contact us at

  •  Social Media Campaign Video Know Check Ask for Medication Safety 



  •  Know Check Ask short video



  •  WHO – Everyone Has a Role in Medication Safety 



  • 5 Moments for Medication Safety






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