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Since 2018, Open Disclosure training has been mandatory for all HSE staff and staff employed in services funded by the HSE. Refresher training for all staff is required every 3 years.

Open Disclosure Briefing 

For the majority of staff, completing an open disclosure briefing will be sufficient training. There are 2 ways of completing a briefing:

1. Complete Module 1 of the Open Disclosure E-Learning programme on HSELanD – ‘Communicating Effectively through Open Disclosure’. This module provides an overview on how to communicate in an open, timely, empathic and compassionate way with patients and their families when things go wrong during their health care journey. It will provide information and tools to provide staff in preparing for and engaging in open disclosure conversations.

To access HSELanD please click here 


2.  Attend a face to face 1 hour Briefing delivered by a trainer, where this is available


Open Disclosure Workshop 

Managers, doctors and any staff who are likely to be involved in formal open disclosure meetings are required to attend a skills workshop. This workshop is face to face and is delivered by an open disclosure trainer. For details of future workshops in your area please contact your area lead (details below).

Note: Currently face to face training is affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.


Open Disclosure Leads 

Please contact the Open Disclosure Lead for your area to enquire about face to face training. Details for leads can be found here


Open Disclosure Webinars

Please click here to access to previous webinars which have been delivered and recorded by the National Open Disclosure Office. 


Other Training Relevant to Open Disclosure 

National Healthcare Communication Programme – Communication Skills Workshops are for all staff who deliver health and social care services in the HSE. The workshops are designed to enable staff to take a skilled, sensitive and person-centred approach in all conversations with patients and their families. 

RCPI "Gateway to Communication" Programme is a free online course which is suitable for all medical staff, and provides practical guidance on good communication that is central to the doctor-patient relationship and essential to the effective functioning of healthcare teams. The course has been specially developed for doctors working in the Irish healthcare system and will highlight additional training courses and modules that are provided by medical training bodies and the HSE. 


Useful Resources 

Numerous resources have been developed to assist staff, organisations and trainers with open disclosure:

  • Resources for healthcare workers are available here
  • Resources for trainers are available here 


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