Survey of Newly Qualified Nursing and Midwifery Graduates

Survey of 2010 Nursing & Midwifery Graduates: Where are they now?

A new report on the findings of a survey conducted by the HSE Office of the Nursing & Midwifery Services Director, on graduates who completed a Bachelor of Science (BSc) undergraduate education programme in general / psychiatric /i ntellectual disability nursing or midwifery in 2010 is now available.

The main goal of the survey was to gain a better understanding of employment trends and practice issues of newly qualified nurses entering the workforce. This survey is similar to that conducted on 2007 - 2009 nursing graduates, the results of which are included in this report to provide a comparison.Of note, the 2010 survey includes the first cohort of graduates from the new four year BSc undergraduate education programme in midwifery which commenced in 2006.

The Report of the Survey of 2010 BSc Nursing and Midwifery Graduates (Published Dec 2011)

The Report of the Survey of 2009 BSc Nursing Graduates (Published Dec 2010)

Findings from the Survey of 2008 Nursing Graduates (Published Feb 2010)

Findings from the Survey of 2007 Nursing Graduates (Published March 2009)