Digital Identity

There are approximately 30,000 HSE staff who currently do not have a digital identity. The Office of the CIO (OoCIO) have been working on providing these individuals with access to email which will enable them to have a healthcare digital identity. The OoCIO are committed to delivering on our Knowledge and Information Plan to provide a secure information structure. Building a better health service requires greater digitally connectivity within the HSE so that health service staff can communicate more effectively, with each other and with patients and the public.

The OoCIO have created 19,500 of these digital identities already and they now want to give these identities to staff so that they can start to use email to communicate with their colleagues, their patients and others. This is being done in two ways, first through managers who will help us to identify staff in their area, and secondly with your help.

If you do not currently have a HSE email address and would like one, you can click on the link below which will bring you to an online request form. There are 14 questions in total for you to complete. When you submit your form, your manager and\or you will be contacted by the OoCIO to progress your application.

Click here to complete your request form (the form works best for IE 11 or Chrome browsers. You can register using your personal device also.) 

Tony O'Brien Director General of the Health Service Executive said “I want the HSE to have a more digitally connected workforce. The modern healthcare system must value connectivity highly and we need to embrace this in every way we can. In investing in our staff, and supporting them with the tools they need, we in turn are better able to provide a safer, more efficient and ultimately better service to our patients and to the public.”

HSE’s Chief Information Officer, Mr Richard Corbridge and eHealth Ireland added that “This is a great opportunity to get all of our staff digitally connected. We are committed to delivering on our Knowledge and Information Plan to provide a secure information structure. We are all aware of the significant contribution that IT is making in providing innovative solutions within healthcare. Equally we know that the pace of development is accelerating. We want all our staff to be connected and to be facilitated and empowered to participate, as well as ensuring our patients and our public are the ultimate benefactors.”