Living Donor Programme

The National Living Donor Renal Transplant programme is run by the National Renal Transplant programme at  Beaumont hospital. Click here for more information, or contact the Renal Transplant Co-ordinator, Beaumont Hospital, at (01) 809 2759 or (01) 809 2298.

The Living Donor Reimbursement Scheme

The reimbursement scheme allows for living donors to claim some loss of earnings and out of pocket expenses directly due to their living donation of a kidney or liver.  In March 2019 the Department of Health issued a revised Policy on the Reimbursement of Expenses of Living Kidney & Liver Donors.Click here for more information. 

More information and support can be obtained from the Transplant Co-ordinator at Beaumont Hospital, at (01) 809 2759 or (01) 809 2298