Launch of online Traveller Pregnancy Resource

HSE Traveller Health Unit (THU), Community Healthcare West, launch online Traveller Pregnancy Resource

Tuesday 4th May 2021 at 11am

Beoir/ Feen/ n Goyla (Woman, Mother/ Man, Father /Baby)

The THU Community Healthcare West are today (Tuesday 4th May) launching a Traveller Pregnancy Resource – Beoir/Feen /n Goyla (Woman, Mother/ Man, Father /Baby), to help address possible literacy issues when trying to access information on pregnancy. 

Thirty short videos have been developed by members of the Traveller community, Community Health Workers, Traveller Health Projects and health care professionals in Community Healthcare West. Each video clip details a different stage of pregnancy. The Launch Clip can be viewed here 

Senator Eileen Flynn who is launching the resource said

“I had some health issues during my own pregnancy. I see this resource as a safety net where you can find reliable information for both women and men….this resource will be useful for all women especially those from marginalised groups.

Kathleen Ward, Community Health Worker, Western Traveller Intercultural Development, Tuam who is speaking at the launch said

“speaking as a Community Health Worker myself the Resource has been developed by the Traveller community for the Traveller community so it will help my community……..I know from my work with the Traveller community that it will be very beneficial in helping to address the literacy difficulties some of us may have especially with the big words that are sometimes used by staff or in the leaflets that are given out. As a direct result of this piece of work we can work better together in understanding and addressing these difficulties”.

Breda Crehan Roche, Chief Officer, Community Healthcare West, who is speaking at the launch

acknowledged the work of the Traveller Health Unit and the part played by and through the active participation of the Traveller community in the past 20 years in supporting and complementing existing services.

All 30 of the short video Clips of the Pregnancy Resource can be viewed here

We wish to acknowledge the support of our two main funders, the HSE National Social Inclusion Office and the Nursing & Midwifery Planning & Development Unit, West/Mid-West.

If further information is required please contact Olive Gallagher by email;

Last updated on: 29 / 04 / 2021