Second Burst of the 'No Excuses' National Awareness Campaign on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence

The second burst of the Government of Ireland’s 'No Excuses' national awareness campaign on sexual harassment and sexual violence begins this evening and will run for the month of October. Information can be found on the campaign by clicking this link.

The second burst will incorporate various types of media such as TV, Radio, Cinema, Outdoor, Social and Digital advertising.

We will also be partnering with a number of media organisations who will discuss various aspects of sexual harassment and sexual violence throughout the month. Topics that will be covered include: sexual harassment in the workplace; sexual abuse in the context of domestic violence; services available to victims; consent; ‘locker room’ talk; sharing of explicit photos without consent.

We want to start conversations that will make the public question their attitude to sexual harassment and sexual violence. Questions such as are we tolerating it? Are we excusing it? And if we are, even if we are doing so only at the lower stages, are we facilitating a culture in which it is really hard for victims to be heard, to be helped, to be supported?

We are very grateful for the support the campaign received in the first burst and we ask now that you continue to support the campaign. Please feel free to share the TV and radio ads on any social media channels you or your organisation may have, the links of which you will find here. If you hear any of the conversations on the above topics, please feel free to ring in and get involved in the conversation.

Last updated on: 08 / 10 / 2019