Public Access Websites - Common Health Concerns Translated

Below are public access websites which contain health information translated into several languages. These are not HSE publications and although the information may be useful, please use an interpreter or translation company when needed.

Make Sure Information is Correct

If using translated information from a public access website, read through the information thoroughly in English. Make sure that it is correct and is what you want to convey to the patient. If you need to give additional information like a specific clinic time or hospital they need to attend, then that will need to be explained separately and you may need an interpreter. Please see the section Translation and Interpreters. Make sure the patient is literate in their native language and understands the information. If you are unsure, use an interpreter or translator.

Citizens Information Office has translated information on a wide range of health topics. Click on documents available in for a full list of information leaflets in Polish, Romanian and French.

Healthcare in Ireland - Eurodesk Ireland

Eurodesk Ireland  has information about health care in Ireland translated into:

  • Czech,
  • Hungarian,
  • Latvian,
  • Polish,
  • Romanian,
  • Slovak, and
  • Slovenian.

This includes information about:

  • Children’s health;
  • GP services;
  • the Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP);
  • private health insurance in Ireland;
  • maternity and infant care services; and
  • hospitals in Ireland.