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The National Social Inclusion office is grateful for the collective effort of all involved in the making of the following resources. The guidance documents below come from a range of sources. 

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Guidance and resources HSE / HPSC / 

HSE National Social Inclusion Office circular dated 8th January 2021 outlining important information and advice on the delivery of safe services within Tier 4 settings.

Overdose Response and Naloxone Guidance during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Guidance on Contingency Planning for People who use Drugs and COVID-19 (version 10/04/2020) Developed by the HSE for anyone who is working with people who use drugs (PWUD) including those on OST. COVID-19 is a rapidly evolving pandemic with national advice and guidance updated regularly. This document is accurate at the point of publication and will be reviewed and updated regularly.

Example Standard Operating Procedure for emergency induction of OST. An example of a SOP for the emergency induction of OST based on the Guidance on Contingency Planning for People who use Drugs and COVID-19

COVID 19 Interim Clinical Guidance for Medicines Management for Isolation Units for People Who Use Drugs

National Drug Treatment Centre Standard Operating Procedure for dispensing medication for clients in isolation during COVID-19 from pharmacy

Guidance for Addiction Services on remote consultations

PSI, Medical Council and the HSE Guidance in relation to the recent legislative changes introduced to facilitate the safe supply of medicines during the Covid-19 pandemic

Methadone take-home leaflet A revised version of the National Drug Treatment Centre methadone take-home leaflet

Needle Exchange Provision  Guidance on planning for needle exchange provision during COVID-19

Overdose awareness information for staff Information on who is at risk from overdose during COVID-19 and advice for informing clients on the risks

Guidance document for Homeless and other Vulnerable Groups gives general advice about preventing the spread of COVID-19 in settings for vulnerable groups, such as Homeless, Travellers, refugees/asylum seekers and others. The measures outlined are mainly focused on congregate settings or facilities managed by staff and can be applied in direct provision centres, hostels, hubs or residential settings including those without clinic or in-house nursing, medical or healthcare support.

Patient information sheet for self-isolation at home developed by HSE and HPSC

Current recommendations for the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the management of suspected or confirmed COVID-19 is available here

Advice on patients with suspected COVID 19 presenting to community care settings other than general practice

HPSC Guidance for non-clinical settings

HSE HPSC Guidance on the transfer of hospitalised patients from an acute hospital to a residential care facility in the context of the Global COVID 19 epidemic

HSE HPSC Guidance on decontamination of transport COVID 19

HPSC Infection Prevention and Control Guidance for COVID-19

Irelands National Action Plan in response to Covid 19 (Coronavirus)

HPSC Primary care: GP testing algorithms, self isolation and restricted movements explained, aid to managing mildly ill person in community

European Monitoring Centre for drugs and drug addiction (EMCDDA)

COVID 19 and people who use drugs

Infection prevention and Control

AMRIC Education Programme webinar COVID-19 Prevention and Management in Vulnerable Group Settings 14/5/2020