National Quality Improvement Team COVID-19 Data Reports


The National QI Team National Director and the Evidence for Improvement Team developed a COVID-19 Data Summary Report highlighting the latest key COVID-19 information, with a focus on the analysis of variation over time and across the system.  The report contains data presented and analysed from a variety of sources, with content changing for each edition to remain current and relevant to the wider COVID-19 environment. The statistical analysis of the data, coupled with clinical expertise provided by Dr Crowley, allows for the interpretation of findings.

The National QI COVID Data Reports are intended as short summary reports that collate some of the key messages from other COVID reports and data sources.  Readers of the report should note that in some cases the data presented may differ slightly from other published sources due to subsequent updates and revisions to official data sources.

The most recent National QI COVID-19 Data Reports are published below. 

In addition, the National QI Team has collaborated with a team of international experts in Quality Improvement who developed a statistical process control approach for analysing COVID-19 data. We have applied this approach to data for Ireland for a number of key COVID-19 measures.  Our first report on the application of this methodology, and subsequent weekly reports are published below.


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