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The Measurement for Improvement team is part of the Quality Improvement Division (QID), HSE. The team combines expertise in the science of Quality Improvement, statistical analytics and qualitative research with clinical experience. 

Our Work

There is a requirement for a more intelligent use of information across the entire healthcare system e.g. examining and understanding variability, looking at trends over time and benchmarking with peers. The primary function of analysis of information for quality improvement is to support learning within a service and to direct frontline improvement activities (QID, 2015). In order to achieve this goal the measurement for improvement team provides clinical experience, measurement, statistical and quality improvement expertise to enable systematic and effective measurement in QID, Service Divisions and Front line services, to improve quality within their specific areas for service users.

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MIT Resources

As we work in partnership with services at all levels in the HSE, we advise on best practice for analysing and displaying information, we develop tools to support quality improvement initiatives, and we share examples of work so that learning is spread as widely as possible. The Resources web page brings together some key tools and documents that have been completed as a result of our work. Over time, we will expand this section of the website further.

Visit the MIT Resources page.

MIT Curriculum

The Measurement for Improvement Team, Quality Improvement Division have developed the 'Measurement for Improvement Curriculum: a reference document to support consistent Measurement for Improvement training in Irish healthcare'.

The purpose of the Curriculum is to identify the essential components of Measurement for Improvement (MFI) training so that MFI training is of high quality and is delivered consistently in Ireland. Four levels of MFI expertise are outlined.

View the MIT Curriculum page.

MIT Videos

QID Measurement for Improvement provides training to a range of audiences on quantitative and qualitative measurement for improvement. The Training Resources web page contains training material developed to support some of the training initiatives we are currently involved in.

View the MIT videos page.

MIT Publications

The Measurement for Improvement team has published a number of documents and reports. This web page contains links to a number of documents that are of relevance to those interested in measurement and quality improvement.

MIT Presentations

The Measurement for Improvement Team provides training and delivers presentations on a range of topics related to measurement for improvement. On the MIT Presentations web page, we have provided some example powerpoint presentation files for others who wish to include some of the material in their own presentations.

Glossary of Measurement for Improvement Terms

The QID-MIT has created a glossary of terms frequently used in relation to Measurement for Improvement.

Glossary of measurement for improvement terms

The Team:

The contact details for each team member are provided here.

Dr Jennifer Martin, Lead for Measurement for Improvement,  
E-mail: jennifer.martin@hse.ie
Tel: +353 (0)87 611 1291

Gráinne Cosgrove, Senior Statistician, 
E-mail: grainne.cosgrove3@hse.ie
Tel: +353 (0)87 177 4236

Dr. Gemma Moore, Qualitative Evaluation and Research Officer,
E-mail: gemma.moore2@hse.ie
Tel: +353 (0)76 695 6926

Emma Hogan, Statistician, 
E-mail: emmac.hogan@hse.ie
Tel: +353 (0)87 390 4650

Nicola O'Grady, Clinical Audit,
E-mail: nicolam.ogrady@hse.ie
Tel: +353 (0)86 416 9822