MIT Presentations

MIT Presentations

As part of our work, the Measurement for Improvement Team deliver presentations and training on a range of issues related to measurement. We share some of these presentations here as .ppt files so that others can include some of the material in their own presentations. If you find the material useful, please feel free to include a link to in your presentations as a source of further information on Measurement for Improvement.

Quality Profiles

This presentation gives a brief overview of the Quality Profile projects that the Measurement for Improvement Team are engaged in. The Quality Profile is timely, comprehensive, reliable information that describes the Quality of Care provided in a way that drives and evaluates improvement. for more general information on quality profiles, visit

ppt logo Click here to download the MS Powerpoint presentation file (.ppt) 'Quality Profiles'

Introduction to Qualitative Methods

This presentation provides an introduction to qualitative methods. It focuses on the following four topics:

  1. What Qualitative Research is and the differences between qualitative and quantitative approaches to research and evaluation.
  2. Designing Qualitative Projects with reference to the importance of research questions, research design and sampling and ethical considerations.
  3. A number of Qualitative Methods are discussed including interviewing, focus groups, observation and documentary analysis.
  4. Qualitative Data Analysis briefly addresses approaches to analysing qualitative data such as thematic analysis.
ppt logo Click here to download the MS Powerpoint presentation file (.ppt) 'Introduction to Qualitative Methods'

Do's and Don'ts of Measurement

There are a number of common problems that people encounter when describing aspeacts of measurement. This Powerpoint Presentation includes examples of some of the common mistakes people make inadvertently when dealing with measurement.

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