Measurement for Improvement Curriculum

The Measurement for Improvement Team, Quality Improvement Division have developed the ‘Measurement for Improvement Curriculum; a reference document to support consistent Measurement for Improvement training in Irish healthcare.’ 

The purpose of the Curriculum is to identify the essential components of Measurement for Improvement (MFI) training so that MFI training is of high quality and is delivered consistently in Ireland. Four levels of MFI expertise are outlined.

The curriculum describes The Context and 7 Steps to Effective Measurement for Improvement and details the tasks, knowledge and skills those engaging in MFI work need to perform.

 Seven Steps MFI

 ¹Adapted from Guide to Measurement for Improvement, available at

This version is currently being tested and refined. We encourage anyone interested in providing MFI training to use the Curriculum and we would greatly value your feedback on this version to help us improve Version Two. Please complete the short survey to share your feedback:

Please email if you have any questions on how to use the Curriculum.