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QID Measurement for Improvement provides training to a range of audiences on quantitative and qualitative measurement for improvement. This web page contains training material developed to support some of the training initiatives we are currently involved in. Over time we will continue to add further material to this page.

As all of our resources we welcome your feedback or suggestions for further training resources. Please contact us at: or follow us on twitter '@QImeasurement'.

In June 2016, Lloyd Provost, international expert in quality improvement and measurement for improvement and co-author of the healthcare data guide delivered a series of workshops in Ireland over what became known as ‘Lloyd Provost Week’. Over the course of the week, key principles of measurement for improvement and the importance of looking at data using appropriate tools were discussed with several audiences including senior healthcare decision makers and those who produce important healthcare information from raw data in Ireland. As a text aimed at those who wish to have a deeper understanding of measurement for improvement, the Healthcare data guide is an excellent resource.

In this video, Dr Philip Crowley, national director, Quality Improvement Division, hosts a five minute conversation with Lloyd, where they discuss the following important questions:

  • What particular type of data should we be prioritising so that we are measuring the right thing?
  • How best to display data for learning and improvement purposes?
  • How best to capture management’s attention and focus it on quality of care?
  • What are Lloyd’s top tips for us here in the Irish Heath System in relation to measurement for improvement?

Interpreting Run Charts


This short video describes the key elements of a run chart, as well as the four rules for interpreting Run Charts.